German processing industry increases turnover by 8.6 percent

The German processing industry increased its turnover by 8.6% in real terms in January 2007 as compared to January 2006. Turnover on the German market rose by 5.9% and that in the business with foreing purchasers even by 12.0%. These figures were published today by the Federal Statistical Office.

Turnover in the business with countries of the Eurozone increased by 10.3% over the twelve months period since January 2006 and that regarding all the other foreign markets rose by 13.7%.

The most successful branch of industry was mechanical engineering the growth rate of which was 13.6% (national turnover: +8.8%, foreign: +17.7%), followed by metal producing industry with a plus of 13.4% (national: +11.2%, abroad: +19.1%). The smallest growth rate among most important industrial sectors was registered in the food producing industry which grew by 5.7% (home: +5.4%, abroad: +7.5%).

In proportion to December 2006, turnover in the processing industry rose by 0.9% (adjusted for season and working days) after +0.1% in December in proportion to November 2006. The turnover on the German market fell by 1.1%, whereas business with foreign buyers grew by 3.5%. Particular strong was the increase in turnover on markets in the Eurozone (+5.5%). Turnover on all remaining foreign markets increased by 1.7% in total. GERMAN