Workshop on how to conquer the Chinese market

China with its 1.3 billion inhabitants is a very attractive market to European companies from the fields of medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and medical information technology. So far, unfortunately, many attempts to conquer this important market have failed due to regulatory obstacles, legal uncertainty and patent issues. But also because of insufficient infrastructures.

In a workshop organized by the Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. entrepreneurs and consultants with experience in the Chinese market will talk about how small and medium-sized entities will successfully gain a foothold in this market. Furthermore, speakers from China will assess market entry possibilities and concentrate on issues such as admission, patent law and marketing.

This workshop addresses itself to representatives of small and medium-sized entities which prepare for entering the Chinese market or are about to do so. Participation fee is 150 Euros and includes supporting documents and catering.

The workshop will take place in Erlangen on the 27th of March in IZMP (innovation center for medical engineering and pharmaceutics) and in Innsbruck on the 29th of March in the MCI Management Center. More information is available online. GERMAN