Optimism on the IT market continues

The market players of the IT business in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are all in high spirits. 65% of those questioned are very optimistic with regard to the development in the field of technology in 2007 (2006: 53%). More than 90% expect higher revenues in 2007 (2006: 79%). The sectors which are probably going to grow strongest are IT security, mobile services, on-demand computing/software-as-a-Service, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and IT outsourcing.

This is the finding of an annual pan European survey carried out by Schwartz Public Relations and Eurocom Worldwide among hundreds of European executives from the IT industry.

These good expectations also affect personnel planning. 63% of those taking part in the survey said that they would take on more staff (58% in 2006), and only 4% expect job cuts (8% in 2006). However, the number of IT experts available is decreasing. The current lack of qualified IT personnel is considered to be the biggest threat to further growth in the field of technology. The survey revealed that it is increasingly difficult to recruit software engineers, sales people and project managers.

Despite the good prospects those surveyed expect an increased displacement of jobs to low-wage countries. Thus, 81% of participants believe that in their countries jobs in the field of technical production are at risk of being shifted to low-wage regions such as China, India or Eastern Europe. 58% even expect that jobs in the IT service sector may also be relocated .

Even though the USA are traditionally considered to be the cradle of the technology industry, the best chances of future economic growth are currently attributed to Western Europe (38%), followed by North America (19%), Central and Eastern Europe (17%) and China (10%). As regards the US economy opinions were rather pessimistic given that 33% were less optimistic and 19% rather pessimistic. GERMAN