More than 80 percent think about quitting their jobs

A current survey by the StepStone job portal draws a bleak picture of the loyalty of German specialists and executive managers to their companies: 42% intend to quit their jobs in the current year! On top of this, an additional 40% are at least considering such a step. Only 18% are satisfied with their jobs.

These findings were established on the basis of a survey among 20.700 people in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

This high number of specialists and executives intending to leave their jobs is a surprising fact in the opinion of Mr. Wolfgang Bruhn who is member of the board of directors at StepStone Germany. One reason for the findings could be the promising economic development which by many people is perceived as an opportunity to improve their professional status.

According to StepStone, by international comparison these figures for Germany are still relatively low. The average percentage of European specialists and executives intending to quite in 2007 even amounts to 55%. Only 13% are pleased with their current position. Even more unhappy with their jobs are employees in Italy where 71% want to leave their company in the current year. Another 23% of Italians are considering such a step. More satisfied are the Belgians. Only 37% of Belgian specialists and executives want to quit their job in 2007. GERMAN