Target group analysis reduces risk for new products

The risk attached to the market launch of a new product can be controlled as early as in the planning stage and during the introduction phase of a new product. In his brand new E-Book called »Produktentwicklung und Zielgruppen«, Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Kaack, who is a management consultant, step by step describes how target group analysis works and which other market factors influence the introduction process of a new product. The 40-page e-book is available for free-of-charge download to all visitors of MittelstandsWiki.

Some information on the book’ s author: Dr. Jürgen Kaack is founder and head of the STZ-Consulting Group, and in this capacity supports companies in carrying out changes and reorganizations imposed by internal or external influences and also in finding solutions for company succession. One of his focal points is the design and implementation of innovative business models as well as the formation of co-operations and alliances between companies. In doing so he coaches entrepreneurs during such processes of change. GERMAN