Linux increasingly interesting to SMEs

According to the »Open Source in Global Software: Market, Impact, Disruption and Business Models« study by the IDC, 54% of companies, organizations and institutions questioned in this study use open source software (OSS) as operating systems including Linux. This is a clear sign for this alternative software being attractive from an economic point of view, irrespective of all the ideological differences separating the advocators of different operating systems.

»I think that given the relatively high percentage of 54% the market penetration of OSS is going to increase even further«, assumes Mr. Tonny Rasmussen, analyst with IDC European Software Group. The decisive advantage of OSS is said to be the high pace at which new products are being developed. In the course of the study the IDC market research company asked 5002 developers from 116 countries around the globe.

Everyone wishing to inform themselves on the economic aspects of Linux-based business applications or the general costs of a switch-over to OSS will be provided numerous opportunities on the occasion of the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover. More than 30 exhibitors are going to present their products in the LinuxPark. Particularly interesting to small and medium-sized businesses is an event called »Killer applications in business: Groupware, ERP und CRM« which will take place on Tuesday, March 20th, on the CeBIT. GERMAN