South of Germany is a paradise for young professionals

University graduates most of the time settle in the south of Germany. 58.5% of all jobs for university graduates are advertised in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, three quarters of which in the Free State of Bavaria alone. In particular engineers are very much sought after in the south of Germany. 71.3% of vacancies are addressed to graduates of technical courses of study. This was revealed by a survey conducted by the »Young Professional Index« of the Hamburg-based jobs in time temporary employment company.

There are also promising prospects for social scientists and economists: 15.2% of vacancies are accounted for by these fields. In third position are computer scientists who are sought after in 13.4% of all job offers.

According to the study, those who do not like the south have also good career opportunities in the western parts of Germany. 15.2% of vacancies cover the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and 12% the federal state of Hesse. Less promising prospects of highly qualified jobs are offered by the eastern and northern federal states of Germany in none of which the number of vacancies exceeds more than 5% of all job offers.

Hamburg, however, is quite an exception in the north: even though the city state is the second smallest federal state, one in twenty jobs for university graduates are generated there. The city with its strong service sector is in particular looking for economists and social scientists.

In the course of the Young Professional Index study a total of 2394 jobs offered by 500 companies were checked at the end of 2006. The study is available for free-of-charge download on the internet. GERMAN