German foreign trade strongly increased in 2006

German imports and exports strongly increased in 2006. Compared with 2005 imports rose by 16.5% to 731.7 billion Euros and exports by 13.7% to 893.6 billion Euros. The foreign trade balance for 2006 showed a trade surplus amounting to 161.9 billion Euros (2005: 158.2 billion Euros). These preliminary results were published today by the Federal Statistical Office.

According to preliminary calculations by the German Bundesbank the balance of actitivies showed a surplus of 100.9 billion Euros for 2006, whereas in 2005 the active balance amounted to 90.3 billion Euros.

In December 2006 German exports amounted to 73.5 billion Euros and imports into Germany to 62.6 billion Euros. Thus, exports and imports increased by 10.3% and 8.5% respectively as compared with the same month in 2005.

More detailed figures and data on individual lines of industry are available from the Federal Statistical Office. GERMAN