Germans using always more consumer electronics

According to the Federal Statistical Office Germans are increasingly buying consumer electronics. Thus, in spring 2006 about 23% of households possessed an MP3 player (+8% as compared with 2005). 42% had a digital camera (+10 percent), 59% owned a DVD player (+9 %), 21% a notebook or a laptop (+4 percent).

Particularly well equipped with MP3 players are households with one principal earner aged between 25 and 55 where one in three households (between 34% and 36%) possess such a device for playing electronically stored music. In households being supported by one principal earner above the age of 55 only one in six households at most owned such a player (16% and below).

For the first time in 2006 there were numbers available for the number of paddles in private households which revealed that about 14% possess such a paddle. GERMAN