CeBIT co-operation forum for companies and researchers

The CeBIT exhibition has always been instrumental in bringing together business and research. Thus, the Innovation Relay Centre (IRC) Future Match is the perfect solution to companies and research institutes specifically looking for technical co-operations in Europe. In the course of the CeBIT exhibition this forum will enable people to make first personal contacts with each other.

At the first event of this kind taking place from Thursday, March 15th to Sunday, March 18th ,companies, universities and research institutions will be meeting for talks at the IRC Future Match stand in exhibition hall 9 of the future park. Everyone interested can take part by registering online thereby describing their technological profile and co-operation wishes. Registrations should be submitted no later than Sunday, February 11th 2007.

From February 11th an online catalogue will be available so that it will be possible to look for interesting profiles of participants and to register for the talks you would like to have at the forum. The registrations will be co-ordinated by the organizers and these will also arrange the schedule for personal meetings. You can even arrange meetings on the ground. The forum´s objective is to foster contacts for technical co-operation and to discuss joint developments, research contracts as well as production, marketing or licensing agreements.

Technologies discussed will range from information management to intelligent robot systems. GERMAN