Medium-level management dissatisfied

A survey among 1400 employees in medium-level management in Europe, North America and Asia seems to prove that the mood at this management level is marked by demotivation and dissatisfation worldwide. The “Middle Manager’s Outlook” survey by Accenture comes to the conclusion that 39% of those questioned are dissatisfied with their professional situation and 23% of middle managers are even actively looking for a new job.

As the main reason for this negative attitude of middle managers towards their companies 25% of those interviewed state lacking career opportunities which spoil motivation and morale in the work place. Thus, almost 25% hope that finding a new employer will markedly improve working conditions and career opportunities. “Medium-level management is the spine of companies”, says Mr. Norbert Büning, managing director with Accenture. However, only a few seem to make it to the upper levels of management.

The specific situation in Germany basically corresponds to the international trend. Fifty percent of middle managers complaint about the current level of salaries and 56% of those questioned said that their work was not adequately appreciated. 31% of German middle managers think that their professional and private lives are insufficiently balanced. 30% gave their employers bad marks on salaries and 34% say that there is a lack of flexible work time models. Another 35% think that there is inadequate support in case of bad business news and believe that career opportunities are poor.

Only by a more efficient personnel policy spirits could be lifted again which is furthermore the precondition for staying competitive on the market in the medium and long term, warns Mr. Nobert Büning. GERMAN