New study on the future of bio science markets available in English

Not only information technology is an industry of the future. With life sciences there is a second boom sector which is at least equally promising. Life science is an expression which describes the interdisciplinary part of biology, chemistry, human medicine and nutritional science, to be more precise that part which does not relate to basic research, but those applications which can be commercialized on the so-called bio science market. There is a free-of-charge study called “Strategies for Success in 2015” by the Deloitte consultancy which in English language presents figures, strategies and opinions of successful life science companies.

Of vital importance to life science industry are growth markets. By the year 2015 on these markets about 25 percent of revenues will be generated, as was estimated by more than half of all companies questioned. As a consequence, over the next years to come there will be massive investment as well as relocations and expansion of certain core business units into these regions.

In the study, in the course of which Deloitte asked 193 executive managers working in the branch of life sciences, numerous issues relating to the topic are discussed. The study is available free-of-charge on the internet. GERMAN