Foreign trade continues growing

For quite a long time foreign trade business has been booming. Now it has once again grown , as was reported today in Berlin by the German Association of Wholesale and Foreign trade (BGA). The growth figures published by the Federal Statistical Office in its monthly report for November 2006 are said to provide evidence for the dynamic development of trade with non-EU countries and are a signal for the strong position held by Germany on these emerging markets.

According to the figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office, as compared to November 2005 German export has grown by 19.2% reaching 85.2 billion Euros in November 2006, whereas for import these figures were 13.9% and 66.7 billion Euros respectively. Exports to countries not being members of the EU amounted to 34.6 billion Euros in November 2006 and imports from these countries to Germany to 24.2 billion Euros. The corresponding growth rates as compared to November 2005 were 37.3 and 15.9 percent respectively.

The association deplored the fact that there is in its opinion insufficient support on the part of policy makers provided to companies in order to prepare them for globalization. GERMAN