SMEs invited to take part in a survey on IT security

In particular small and medium-sized entities underestimate the complexity of IT security and just concentrate on technical aspects and the danger of computer viruses. Consequently security issues are often delegated to technical specialists or external service providers. But in reality the attacks on company computer networks are becoming increasingly subtle and the constraints on companies always bigger.

How do companies see their situation with regard to IT security? How big do they think is the potential of threat with which they are faced? In which areas do they think is there a need for optimization? Answers to these and further questions are to be given by a survey conducted by the Netzwerk Elektronischer Geschäftsverkehr (NEG). The online survey is part of a project sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology which is to make business more secure in small and medium-sized entities.

SMEs are invited to take part in the online survey until March 31st 2007. The questionnaire can be filled in within a few minutes. On request participants will receive a brief analysis containing selected results. The survey’s findings will probably be published in May 2007. GERMAN