German wholesalers increase turnover by 3.6 percent in real terms

Wholesale business is in good shape. Compared to November 2005 the turnover in November 2006 grew by 6.2% in nominal and by 3.6% in real terms, as was reported today by the Federal Statistical Office. Compared to October 2006 turnover by wholesale traders grew by 0.2% and 0.1% respectively. For the time being the figures are still preliminary as was announced by the Federal Statistical Office.

Four of the six wholesale sectors increased their turnover in November 2006 in both nominal and real terms: The strongest increase in real terms with 10.6% (nominal +7.1%) was generated by wholesalers trading in machinery, equipment and accessories, followed by those trading in durables and consumer goods with a plus of 5.6% in both nominal and real terms. Wholesale sectors which generated less turnover in real terms as compared to November 2005 were only those trading in agricultural raw materials and livestock (-10.2%) and wholesalers trading in food, beverages and tabacco goods (-2.3%). In nominal terms both sectors increased their turnover by 4.5% and 1.3% respectively as compared to November 2005. GERMAN