Statistical year book on Europe available on the internet

Small and medium-sized entities planning to operate on the European market need reliable data on their respective target countries. For them the 2006 edition of the statistical year book by the European Statistical Office Eurostat is available for free-of-charge download.

The year book covers 256 regions of the 25 EU member states as well as 14 regions in Bulgaria and Romania. Also added was a chapter on labour productivity. The book also contains chapters on topics such as democraphy, GDP, budget, labour market, labour productivity, statistical data on cities, science, technology and innovation, company statistics, health, traffic and agriculture. The regional diversity of Europe is explained by means of maps and illustrations as well as articles.

The year book is also available in a print version with additional features on a CD-ROM. The CD contains for example different language versions of the year book in PDF format as well as documentation on the NUTS 2003 system. However, this extended version cost 30 Euros plus shipping costs and can be ordered on the website of the European Data Service. GERMAN