Happy New Year!

The year 2006 is history. It was a year which at last gave rise to hope and which was marked by some economic success stories. After years of stagnation and sometimes heavy losses the year 2006 gave us a sustainable economic upswing and the football world cup which was a celebration of life. Things could hardly have gone better. For the team of Mittelstandsblog last year was very successful too. In autumn our blog developed into the MittelstandsWiki portal, a two-man show became a new medium-sized entity.

Since the start of our blog more than one thousand news items have been published, more than 800 images have been processed, more than 30 diagrams have been created and almost 30 podcast have been produced. The major share of all this work was carried out in the fourth quarter of 2006 which meant a lot of work, but also a lot of joy about things that were achieved. Most inspiring has been your interest in our blog which has been demonstrated by the rising numbers of visitors. The objectives set for 2007 are ambitious and thanks to your interest we will achieve our goals thereby making our contribution to the economic upswing in Germany.

We wish you all the best for 2007! GERMAN