New data base on business development online

Last Tuesday the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology (BMWi) went online with the new Federal support data base. In constrast to prior versions, this time it features comprehensive search possibilites, contents and an appealing design. Visitors are provided with detailed information on more than 1000 support programmes made available by the government, federal states and the European Union. One important feature of the new data base is a virtual assistant who will lead would-be company founders and entrepreneurs step by step to the support programme which best suits their needs.

The focal point of the data base is financial aid for founders of a new business as well as for small and medium-sized entities. Furthermore, the connections between the individual support programmes are explained, which is important in order to make optimum use of the aid provided by the State.

The new data base addresses itself to both users without any special knowledge as well as to experts on busines development. GERMAN