Benefit from key interest rate changes by comparing bank interest rates

In the wake of the increase in key interest rates to 3.5 % by the European Central Bank on the 7th of December, the interest rates offered by commercial bankes will be accordingly adapted. Whereas it is true that debit interest rates go up immediately after an increase in key interest rates, this is not the case for credit interest rates. Many banks count on the indifference of clients and will only adapt credit interest rates, when their clients are likely to be strongly attracted by better rates offered by competing banks.

For this reason it is worth comparing the interest rates offered by different banks in times of rising key interest rates. Generally speaking, the best offers are limited to private customers. Thus, small trade owners should, if legally possible, place their funds as private customers and not on behalf of their businesses.

A credit interest rate of 3.3% on funds being disposable on a daily basis is offered e.g. by the DKB and Ziraat banks which are both members of the Funds Safety Trust managed by the Federal Association of German Banks. GERMAN