Temporary work on the march in the EU

Temporary work is on the march – not only in Germany, but also in Europe as a whole. This is one finding of a study conducted by the Dublin-based European Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions. In the old member states of the EU the number of temporary workers amounts to about three million. Their smallest proportion as compared to the total number of employees can be found in Denmark (0.5 percent), whereas this proportion is highest in Great Britain (2.6 percent). In Germany the percentage of temporary workers is 1.2 which corresponds to the European average.

The figures for the new member states range from 0.5 percent in Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia to 1.4 percent in Hungary. The total number of temporary employment agencies operating in Europe amounts to 20.000 which generate an annual turnover of 75 billion Euro. More information on this subject can be found with Eurofound. GERMAN