Mittelstandsblog online for more than a year

Thirteen months ago the first articles were published on Mittelstandsblog. In the meantime their number has risen to more than 700, the administration of which had become increasingly difficult on the previous server. For this reason on Friday we changed over to a more powerful server and a new layout. In addition, the contents and service of our site have been extended.

News, solution-orientated information and an objective debate on people, markets and small and medium-sized entities remain the focal point of the Mittelstandsblog. The site has now been extended by a know-how portal, an audio magazine, an information and telecommunications portal and special information for small and medium-sized entities. Furthermore, for foreign investors there is an English version of the most important news.

On this occasion we would like to say thank you to all our readers, writers and web designers as well as to our sponsor who have all been loyal to us. Please recommend us to others. GERMAN