Kazakhstan of interest to German companies

Kazakhstan has recently made negative headlines worldwide. In the film called „Bortat” the British actor Cohen is currently beating and belching his way through cinemas in his role as an unspeakably mannerless reporter. In reality, however, Kazakhstan is an economically stable country with a westerly atmosphere which is worth being taken into account by small and medium-sized entities in particular by those operating in the high-tech field.

“In Astana or in the former capital Almaty (formerly known as Alma Ata) you can feel how the economy is thriving and that westerly know-how is being purchased intensively”, says Tobias Janßen, president of Neuss-based Goldfish Holdings Inc. consultancy and holding company.

Kasakhstan is among the richest countries in terms of natural resources. “You can find anything there. For example gold, silver and copper. And natural resources are in part still extracted through surface mining”, continues Mr. Janßen. The people there are particularly open to renewable energies.

In general the world of finance considers Kazakhstan to be a very attractive site. Thus, the Deutsche Börse AG has agreed on a co-operation with an institution there promoting the image of Almaty as a financial centre. According to Deutsche Börse AG this agreement is to position and to further the capital markets of Germany and Kazakhstan with respect to international investors. GERMAN

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