Attitudes of European executive managers different

A study by the European Management Association and a survey carried out by the German RKW centre among Germans have shed light on the state of mind of European executive managers. One thing is sure: The knowledge and observing of values and attitudes of foreign business partners strongly increases the chances of successful negotiations.

The RKW analyzed the findings and published them on the internet. Be it Eastern, Western or Southern Europe – thanks to these findings executive managers are provided with the opportunity of fast and easily becoming acquainted with cultural differences and particularities of the respective regions, and entrepreneurs will be informed about what to pay attention to during negotiations.

Marked cultural differences were identified in particular with regard to personal values: contentment and friendship are sought especially by the British, the Spaniards and by the Maltese. On the other hand, Germans appreciate environmental awareness and social commitment. Stronger agreement can be found as far as professional values are concerned: professional competence and efficiency are the characteristics preferred by managers in all the five countries surveyed. Apparently cultural differences reveal themselves more on a private level rather than in everyday business.

The RKW centre questioned executive managers from German companies and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, organisations from Spain, Great Britain, Malta and Lithuania completed the study by country specific surveys. GERMAN