Study to shed light on salaries paid to supervisory board members in SMEs

The salaries paid to members of supervisory boards in companies listed on the stock exchange may be looked up in the annual reports. How about the salaries paid to members of these boards in small and medium-sized companies? This question is to be answered by the “Vergütung von Aufsichtsgremien 2006/2007” study. Whoever decides to take part in this study will receive an individual ranking for free.
The new empirical study on current salaries paid to members of German supervisory boards will be carried out by the PersonalMarkt consulting firm, which is specialized in salary issues, together with the Baumgartner & Partner consultancy and  “Der Aufsichtsrat” special service.
Until January 15th of next year members of supervisory boards and companies with such boards are invited to join the study. Via the Vergütungsportal website it will be easily possible to fill in an online questionnaire with data relating to salaries. The transfer of these confidential data will be done in an encoded manner.
On request those taking part in the survey will be sent an individual free-of-charge ranking comparing their data with salaries paid in other companies. The findings of the study which addresses itself in particular to small and medium-sized entities with supervisory boards and the members thereof will be published in March 2007. GERMAN