Collecting debts needs a lot of training

Each year thousands of companies go bust in Germany with annual debts of about 50 billion Euro not being settled. Such a bad debt loss may be fatal to small and medium-sized entities. In order to avoid such a situation, the DIKMU institute and the Gerling GmbH will hold a conference on the subject matter of “Successful management of receivables in SMEs” on the 7th of December this year in Berlin.
During this conference companies will be given first-hand advice on how to avoid bad debts right from the start or how to act appropriately if they cannot be avoided. Furthermore, it will also be demonstrated how companies can efficiently manage their receivables and how clients should be evaluated and selected. Speakers will also talk on legal issues and contract clauses relevant to small and medium-sized entities. Finally all participants may address their questions directly to the experts and discuss their individual problems with each other.
The conference will take place in the Regionalzentrum Nord-Ost of the Gerling Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH. Participation fee will amount to 145 Euro per person (+ VAT) or 40 Euro for students. Further information can be obtained from the DIKMU website on which a flyer is available for download. GERMAN