Fixed income most important for satisfaction of office workers

This is a fact confirmed by its first place on the hit list of most important preconditions for satisfied office workers. The finding is part of the third and last leg of the “Was ist gute Arbeit?” study and has revealed a mentality which focuses on economic safety.

Thus, three out of five desires harbored by office workers refer to economic safety. On the other hand, future-orientated wishes relating to career opportunities, the possibility to take more responsibility or the desire to become self-employed are not among the top hits of German office workers. People are satisfied if things remain as they are. However, it is in particular small and medium-sized entities which need more courageous, independent and future-orientated employees. Maybe all it takes is just more appreciation of such qualities. In this respect small and medium-sized entities should have a clear advantage compared to even the biggest companies with their anonymous and bureaucratic human resources departments.

The study had been initiated by INQA and was carried out by the INIFES institute in co-operation with the Internationaler Arbeitsmarkt research team and TNS Infratest. GERMAN