Support from colleagues is one of most important aspects at work

Not only has the “Was ist gute Arbeit?” study by the INQA initiative revealed those factors which are most worrying to office workers, but also a top-five list of the most important resources for employees to fall back on.

On this list support and assistance from colleagues come first (83 percent). For almost three quarters of office workers (71 percent) identification with their work is important. Another important factor in the eyes of employees is the possibility of having an influence on the way one’s work is carried out (77 percent) and the opportunity of further developing one’s skills (68 percent). With regard to further training, however, there is quite a big discrepancy between ideal and reality: thus 62 percent of people questioned said that they had not taken part in any useful further training during the year preceding the survey. The study in question had been initiated by the INQA and was carried out by the INIFES institute in co-operation with the Internationaler Arbeitsmark research team and TNS Infratest. GERMAN