How to be successful in public relations

Having a positive image in the eyes of the public is a competitive advantage. In order to underline the value added by their products and services companies not only commit themselves to efficient marketing and advertising but also to public relations. In his book “Öffentlichkeitsarbeit” Mr Markus Reiter describes any effective methods of communication known. Among other things the field of public relations comprises press statements, press kits, press conferences, professional articles, press events and press trips.

Many of those in charge of public relations are not familiar with the everyday work of journalists which is quite a disaster given that working with the media plays a very important role in public relations. In the chapter “About the state of mind of journalists” the author provides guidance on how to attract a journalist’s attention. And this is important because one thing is for sure: If an editor does not at once realize the informational value contained in a press statement it will immediately be discarded.
Good employees need to be informed. Bad news will have a negative effect on the spirit in a company. Thus, in the chapter “Mitarbeiterkommunikation” , Markus Reiter explains how a motivating employees newsletter has to be drawn up.

Sometimes a company might get into a crisis even though the work done in the field of public relations is good. In such situations there will be harsh consequences for a company, if publish relations do not work properly. By illustrating seven steps the chapter called “Kommunikation in der Krise�? shows how to overcome a communication crisis. The book is rounded off by numerous advices and check lists. GERMAN

  • Markus Reiter, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
  • Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft
  • Paperback: 90 pages, first edition: July 2006
  • ISBN: 3-636-01342-4, 10 Euro