Sales engineers earn the most

In Germany engineers are very much sought-after. The industrial sector talks about a serious lack of qualified engineers and laments about not being able to staff vacancies for months to come. How much money employers have to pay in order to keep or recruit top engineers is shown by a current salary study carried out by the Kienbaum staff and management consulting firm.
The biggest salaries are received by technical sales engineers who on average receive an annual salary of between 60.000 and 80.000 Euro. The figure appearing on the payroll of their colleagues from the development department is a little bit smaller: 50.000 to 70.000 Euro is their salary. Salaries in the production department are still a little bit smaller amounting to between 45.000 and 60.000 Euro. Salaries of top-earners differ hardly no matter in which department they work: Managing directors in the sales and development department receive both up to 400.000 Euro per year. Their colleague from production earns up to 360.000 Euro. These are the findings of the latest Kienbaum study on engineer salaries.
The situation is different with regard to head of departments: In this salary group people earn up to 135.000 Euro per year in production, up to 130.000 Euro in the development department and up to 125.000 Euro in sales. Salaries for engineers not fulfilling executive duties range between 45.000 and 80.000 Euros: in this category the biggest salaries (between 45.000 and 80.000 Euro) are paid to professional experts working in the technical sales department. „Whoever chooses a non-executive career will hardly earn more than a head-of-department salary. On the other, hand salaries of 400.000 Euro and above are possible for those aiming at executive positions”, says Christian Näser, salary expert with Kienbaum. GERMAN