Staff management check and free-of charge ebook for SMEs

Visiting entrepreneurs and staff managers may have the quality of their companiesĀ“s staff management checked. The result of this check is based on a comparison with several hundred companies which -according to the MA&T Organisationsentwicklung GmbH – have already undergone the check. After the check participants have the possibility to download an ebook called “14 x 3 ideas on how to improve staff management in your company” free of charge.

Even though this check cannot replace a detailed analysis, it is an appropriate tool for companies in orcer to evaluate fast and easily the quality of their staff management. This check will inform you, whether there is an urgent need for action, says Mr. Oliver Lilie, managing director at the MA&T Organisationsentwicklung GmbH.

In order for entrepreneurs and staff managers to be able to take immediate action and improve their staff management after the check, MA&T has drawn up the above-mentioned ebook which gives concrete and practice-orientated advice on how to organize staff management in small and medium-sized entities (SMEs).

MA&T is a company which in the course of their Q-Per project analyzes and tests new concepts, tools and educational programmes for staff management in SMEs. The project is part of the “VerA – Vernetztes lebensbegleitendes Lernen in der Altmark” and “Lernende Regionen” projects and sponsored by the BMBF and the European Union. GERMAN