Guide for SMEs on open source software

One reason, among others, for which open source software is an interesting thing is its reduced cost. Many open source programmes are even available for free. If such programmes are meant for commercial use, it is advisable to rely on high quality products which are mostly not free of charge. Otherwise downtimes may quickly turn out to be quite expensive in the case of software flaws. But which open source software should be used? Which one is suitable for application in a small and medium-sized entity? To answer these questions provide a 140-pages guide on open source for free-of-charge-download.

The guide addresses itself to IT executives in small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). It provides guidance on how to use and handle open source software, in particular software for professional applications, security issues and internet presences. The topics dealt with range from legal issues, over studies to sources of supply. Furthermore it provides practical examples from SMEs. GERMAN