Competition for EU environmental communication award started

As of now companies may submit their application for participation in the “EMAS Award 2006” EU competition for environmental communication. This was announced by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce (DIHK) which is responsible for the selection of the most suitable German aspirants. The German Chambers of Industry and Commerce being responsible for taking applications for the EMAS competition are aware of the fact that in many German companies and other organizations communication to employees and the general public is of high importance. Therefore there are extremely good chances for German companies to be awarded in this competition.

This year the jurors are looking for the best communication campaign under the environmental and auditing system (EMAS). Applications are in particular welcome from those companies which were able to arouse the interest of their staff for environmental management issues in a particularly original manner and which come up with new concepts in order to make customers, administrative bodies or the general public aware of their own environmental achievements.

Applications may be submitted by companies or organizations from EU member states which are actively taking part in EMAS. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: to micro (with less than 10 employees), small and medium-sized (10 to 250 staff) and major organizations/enterprises (more than 250 personnel). The final decision will be with an international jury which will choose the winners from candidates pre-selected in the member states. In Germany this pre-selection will be taken charge of by the DIHK which will base their choice on the verdict of a national expert panel.

The award ceremony will take place in Athens on the 13th of November 2006. Information on the EMAS award 2006 is available with all Chambers of Industry and Commerce as well as with the DIHK. GERMAN