Survey on new developments in a female secretary’s job

Whereas some decades ago typewriting was an important task of female secretaries, today office angels are saved a lot of work by modern communications technology. Which are other general conditions that have changed this profession? Answers to this question will be given by Mrs. Manuela Franzò, who is one of our M`BlogDocument writers. In order to obtain representative findings, she asks all female secretaries to take part in the study. The questionnaire is available for download.

The questionnaire should be sent in by August 18th. All participants will receive the survey’s findings for free on demand after the study is finished. There is another brochure by Mrs. Franzò, the M´BlogDocument “0601 – How good secretaries manage themselves and their bosses optimally”, which is already available for free-of-charge download.

Very soon her second M´BlogDocument “0610 – The art of teamwork – How to deal with colleagues and superiors in the company” will be published. This jubilee e-brochure will, of course, be available for free again. GERMAN