Financial Times to stage a private equity conference

After the debate on Mr. Franz Müntefering´s comparison of hedge funds to voracious locusts has cooled off, one today wonders whether private equity (⇒ Wikipedia) may not rather become Germany’s driving force for efficiency and competitiveness. On the occasion of the 2nd private equity conference organized by the Financial Times Deutschland on September 6th in Frankfurt/Königsstein managers from the private equity scene will talk about their experiences, forecasts as well as their individual risks and opportunities.

What are the trends and strategies? Will there be less differences between the business models of private equity and hedge funds (⇒ Wikipedia)? Does private equity go well with small and medium-sized entities (SMEs)? These questions will be answered during the FTD conference. The event was conceived in particular for decision makers in private equity as well as for companies. Talks on key issues followed by vivid discussions among the audience are to give the opportunity to participants to exchange their views with the protagonists of the private equity scene. According to the organizers of the conference, best-practice talks given by renowned business leaders will round off the individual events.

The conference will be hosted by Mrs Ina Lockhart, chief of finance with FTD, together with editors Angela Maier and Elisabeth Atzler. It will take place at the Kempinski Hotel in Falkenstein. The conference is held in association with Shearman & Sterling LLP, Dusseldorf. Further information is available online.

There will be a “private equity” special by the FTD on September 20th which will have a closer look at the topics of the conference. Among other things this special will also deal with Mezzanine financing, by the use of which major enterprises can combine the advantages of equity and outside capital, as well as with the booming M&A business. Furthermore it will explain why foreign investors take increasingly pleasure in German companies and what kind of impetus is needed in order for the venture capital market to re-gain momentum. GERMAN