DIHK brochure helps to avoid mistakes with regard to new anti-discrimination law

Presumably in a few days the new anti-discrimination law (AGG) will take effect. In cases of violation of the law there might be serious sanctions – besides an injunction also the liability for compensation even for personal suffering. With their brochure “The general anti-discrimination law” the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) has compiled a guide for the daily practice of companies which is to help entrepreneurs to avoid mistakes punished by the law.

The AGG prohibits discrimination at work, as well as in private business relations for reasons of race, ethnic background, gender, religion, handicap, age or sexuality. With regard to job legislation the new provisions against discrimination also include freedom of ideology. As to their effect on civil law, the new protection will also relate to sales, works and service contracts as well as to credit, lease and insurance agreements.

The brochure contains examples from practice, check lists, recommendations for action, interpretation support as well as the text of the law, which by the way has to be put up in any company according to the AGG.

Unfortunately the brochure is not available for free. Nevertheless it is advisable to buy the paper. It can be ordered from the DIHK publication service in the “publications” section on the DIHK´s website for the amount of 12.60 Euros. GERMAN