Consumer prices rose by 1.9 percent

As was established by the Federal Statistical Office the German consumer price index for July 2006 – according to data available from six federal states – will be up by 1.9 percent as compared to July 2005 (in June 2006 + 2.0 percent). With regard to June 2006 this represents an increase by 0.4 percent. The relatively high June index is mainly attributed to seasonal price increases for package holiday trips and holiday flats.

The so-called harmonised German consumer price index calculated for European reasons will presumably rise by 2.1 percent in July 2006 as compared to July last year (June 2006: +2.0 percent). Compared to June 2006 this index is up by 0.5 percent. Final results for July 2006 will be available by around mid-August 2006. GERMAN