MittelstandsBlog presents after-work podcast

You worked hard all day long and now look forward to a well-deserved evening? Well then let us sweeten this pleasant part of the day. Close your email programme, put your feet on the desk, relax and take 20 minutes off before you hit the road and get stuck in the after-work traffic jam.

Martin Lindert from LindisBluecast, an enthusiastic rock and blues connoisseur from Wuppertal, presents the latest tunes of the scene in the after-work podcast series of MittelstandsBlog. We are not talking about mainstream music played on radio every day, but unique songs by mostly unknown artists.

And here the stars of the first edition: Chris Juergensen with “Some Symphaty”. The CD is available on his website or from Magnatune. Robin Stine performs “Don´t I know”. Her CD is available here. Afterwards Rob Tognoni presents his marvellous song “Product of A Southern Land”. Rounding off today´s selection is Dominik Clayton with “Stronger”.

If the player programme does not work, you need version 9 of Adobe´s Flashplayer which is available for free of charge download. The after-workPodcast is published according to the Creative Commons license guidelines which you can read here. GERMAN