Foreign companies dominate takeover business in Germany

As was reported by the Pressetext news agency a current survey by the Confederation of German consultants (BDU) carried out among 189 chief executives and managing directors of German management consultancies showed that the takeover business will continue growing in particular in the chemical/pharmaceutical, telecommunications and banking/insurance industry over the next year in Germany.

According to those interviewed 48 percent of the global takeover business will have its arena in Western Europe or originate from companies located there. Asia is expected to be in second place (with 23 percent of business), followed by Eastern Europe (18 percent) and North America (11 percent). 68 percent of managers questioned believe that the German takeover market will be dominated by foreign companies in future with German acquisitions abroad going down. “In particular countries from the former Soviet Union and Asia show interest in German companies which is stronger than that of  e.g. the United States” , says Mr. Rémi Redley who is BDU chairman. But also activities within Europe should not be underestimated according to his words.

At the same time he cautions against national protectionism. He considers anti-takeover laws such as that recently passed in France to be the wrong approach, but he thinks that similar legislation will soon be introduced in Germany too. In Mr. Redley´s opinion, such measures would in the long run lead to the loss of market share, company sites and jobs. A more effective method would be to strengthen the position of domestic companies by improving infrastructure and general economic conditions. GERMAN