Employees need to know their company´s business strategy

Knowing their employer’s business strategy is of high importance to German employees. More than two thirds of people questioned think that without knowing the company´s strategy they are not able to do their work properly. Only a minority believe that knowing or not knowing the plans was irrelevant to achieving business objectives. This is the finding of the current survey carried out among almost 10.000 site visitors of the StepStone Internet job portal from 8 European countries.

Quite a problematic finding of the survey is one quarter of the people questioned thinking that a business strategy was not existing at all in their companies. This fact is a clear sign for the necessity to communicate a company´s strategic positioning in a clearer way to staff in order to get their best work performance possible. The imparting of business objectives seems to work best in Sweden and Norway. In these countries almost 80 percent of employees are familiar with the strategy of their employers. Only 14 percent do not know whether the respective plans for achieving company objectives do exist at all within their firms. Detailed results of the survey are available from the StepStone website. GERMAN