Companies have to be prepared for GDPdU

Although already effective for some years the GDPdU provisions are still unknown to some entrepreneurs, decision makers and experts in small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). This was found out in a flash survey carried out among readers and partners of the Mittelstandsblog. The abbreviation GDPdU stands for guidelines on data access and verifiability of digitalized documents. Since the 1st of January 2002 these guidelines “have opened up unprecedented opportunities to company auditors” is the opinion voiced on the Entscheiderkompass website which is sponsored by Oracle.

Even though several digital audits have already been carried out, there were repeatedly contradictory statements from the Inland Revenue Office and fiscal experts, says the above-mentioned website. This year at the latest “digital audits will become the rule in most federal states” thereby prompting the necessity to deal seriously with the GDPdU and GoBS (Standards On IT-based Accounting Systems) requirements.

Furthermore, by making an individual test it was possible “by answering only a few questions to check quickly whether your company is ready for digital audits”. The requirements by fiscal authorities would be dealt with one after another by answering among others the following questions:

· Which data are relevant to fiscal issues and how can these be retrieved?
· Which criteria have to be met in order to store audit data properly?
· What means suitability for machine-based evaluation?
· What has to be taken into account when switching over to a new IT system or switching off outdated systems?
· Which criteria are to be fulfilled when transferring data carriers?

Other interesting facts and a practical online-test on the topic of audits were presented by MittelstandsBlog on the 13th of July. GERMAN