From the 1st of July new standardized social contributions for so-called mini jobs

The Haufe Mediengruppe, which is a publishing house specialized on judicial literature, points to the fact that from July 1st employers have to pay standardized social contributions of 30 percent instead of hitherto 25 percent for employing so-called mini jobbers. According to Haufe the Taxpayers´ Confederation had found out through a survey in North Rhine-Westphalia that in most cases auditors sent by the pension insurance had detected irregularities examining these so-called 400 Euros employment relationships.

As a consequence the Haufe publishing house provides a calculation software free of charge on their web site. Furthermore they offer a detailed information brochure free of charge which not only tells employers how to correctly calculate social contributions, but also how to avoid them and what possibilities there are in order to change to other kinds of employments. The brochure also provides guidance on how to organize the work contracts of new personnel, calculation examples of how to shuffle off wage tax, calculation formulae as well as information on special rules which apply to pensioners and older people working part-time. GERMAN