Modern leadership instruments also important for SMEs

Many leaders of small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) not only trust their practical experience when it comes to products, but also in leading their company. In general, this approach works well for quite a long time. However, in acccordance to the growth of the company, sooner or later also the rules within the company start changing. Those things which worked within the small circle of a few employees from the founding years do not function any more when the company has grown such that not everybody knows everybody else any more. Familiar solidarity and short information channels will then give way to anonymous structures, career games and mobbing. If the boss on top of all this suddenly falls ill, business may heavily suffer.

Then at the latest also SMEs have to start thinking about modern leadership tools such as entrepreneurial coaching and teambuilding. But what do these exactly mean? What can one expect from these tools? How do they work? These are the questions which will be answered by our brochure “M’BlogDocument 0608 – Coaching and Teambuilding, modern leadership tools for SMEs”. Dr. Jürgen Kaack, who is a writer, economic adviser and managing director of the STZ-Consulting Group shows in the brochure that these two leadership tools can save in particular SMEs from a severe crisis on their way to success.

The document which contains 18 pages is available free of charge to our Blog visitors and can be downloaded in PDF format (approx. 1,1 Mbyte). GERMAN