Huge investment potential in trade

Der Handel economic magazine, in co-operation with the Lexware software producer have prepared the “Investment potential in SMEs” (IPM3) study in order to provide information on the investment potential among German SMEs as a whole and on trade companies in particular to its advertisers.

According to the study 428.700 SMEs are planning investment over the next two years. The majority (155.000) of these are trade companies. The investment volume planned by this branch alone amounts to 44.5 billion Euros for the next two years and will flow into several equipment ranging from IT devices to car pools. About 37 billion Euros will be invested by German SMEs in the extension of their car pools over the two years to come. 60.000 small and medium-sized trade companies will spend 15.2 billion Euros on new cars and an additional 3.5 billion Euros on new company cars.

Other topics covered by the IPM3 study are electronic data processing, financing, company pension systems and insurances, Internet and telecommunications. The company publishing Der Handel magazine offers to potential clients an individually compiled presentation of the study. A 20-page summary is available free of charge for download in PDF. GERMAN