Pleasant work atmosphere more important to executive assistants than money

A clever entrepreneur is said to be the brain of his or her company with the secretary ideally being its heart without which nothing would run smoothly. That is why the bosses of small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) are looking for true magic women for their offices. Once such a super woman has been found, she still has to be won to the company given that they are much sought after. A major survey by Lukossek Consulting among 12.000 qualified secretaries reveals what office angels are looking for in their potential bosses.

About 80 percent said that a good team spirit was “very important” to them. Only two percent considered this fact to be of minor importance. With regard to salaries approx. fifty percent of experienced assistants and secretaries think that this is an important factor. On the other hand, only one third of secretaries select their work place according to its distance from the place in which they live. Two thirds think that a good relation with their boss is a decisive factor with about 60 percent believing that this point is even more important than salaries!

The importance of the recruitement of THE suitable candidate is underligned by the fact that there are bosses who say thank you for being sent their “dream secretary” by sending flowers to her, says Barbara Lukossek, founder of Lukossek Consulting. The survey´s findings can be ordered in a 15 pages power point presentation free of charge from Lukossek Consulting. thinks: It is comforting that besides share holder value there are still emotional aspects counting in the world of business – at least in SMEs. GERMAN