Being more efficient using telecommunications

A new highlight of our series of informative brochures for small and medium-sized companies is ready for use: M’BlogDocument 0607 – Being more efficient using telecommunications. Author of this brochure is Dr. Jürgen Kaack, who is managing director of the STZ-Consulting Group.

If old and new means of telecommunication such as telephone, mobile telephone and email are networked in an intelligent way instead of merely being used parallely, it will be possible to avoid time consuming unnecessary messages. By using mobile data communication even more time can be saved and several business processes optimized. Furthermore new telecommunication technologies open up completely new business opportunities also to small and medium-sized entities.
In his 25 pages guide Mr Kaack describes opportunities and pre-conditions of a profitable application of new telecommunication technologies. In addition, numerous illustrations and market data provide a very clear picture of future focal points and trends in telecommunications.

The “M’BlogDocument 0607 – Being more efficient using telecommunications” is available free of charge for download (PDF, approx. 0.9 MB). Published so far (also see “M’Blog set up library …“. GERMAN