IT companies publish job offers mainly online

News aktuell (ots) reports: In May the » IT job index« reached 177 points which is one point less than in the previous month. After a strong increase of job offers in April the IT job market currently seems to lose momentum. The number of vacancies published on the websites of the Top 500 IT companies decreased by 0.5 percent in May. However, compared to May 2005 the number of job offers has increased by 14.7 percent this year. Most IT jobs are currently offered by companies in Bavaria (29.5%), North Rhine-Westphalia (24.8%) and Baden-Wurttemberg (19.6%). Companies in the south of Germany offered 2.5 percent more jobs in May. In other federal states the number of IT job offers was declining during the same period.

The » IT job index« which is calculated each month (February 2004 = 100) measures the number of job adverts. IT companies publish their vacancies mainly online. Only a very small fraction of jobs available is published in newspapers and magazines. By the way, not only publish statistical figures, but also job offers. For companies wanting to put their job offers online themselves, the operator of the job portal provides a suitable software. GERMAN