Online traders often neglect the needs of their customers

In spite of growing demand only one quarter of German online traders intend to expand their service portfolio. This is the finding of a joint study by Novomind and the FAZ institute.

Although the majority of consumers (96 percent) wish to be offered special services by online shops such as product comparisons, only fourty percent of online shops offer such services. Also the request for attractive delivery terms, which are important to 90 percent of consumers, is ignored. Only one third of online job owners considers delivery terms to be decisive to clients´ satisfaction. About fifty percent of consumers would like to see shops for second-hand products, but only 14 percent of online shop traders are willing to come up with corresponding solutions.

But also online usability features could be improved to a large extent according to consumers. Thus, the majority of them (56 percent) would like to be provided with so-called permanent shopping baskets. By using this feature the goods selected will remain in the virtual basket even if the consumer temporarily leaves the online shop. Once the customer is back online he can complete his shopping thereby easily spreading his orders over several shopping tours. Only one quarter of online shops provide such a service.

Yet such services are very lucrative: Positive experience of online shoppers will reward online traders with markedly enhanced customer fidelity. Thus, more than fifty percent of all consumers prefer well-known internet shops to new ones, if they are pleased with the service of the former. GERMAN