Market-orientated planning instrumental to the success of SMEs

Many markets are very dynamic and subject to ever faster changes. In this context it becomes obvious that on the basis of a backward planning one can easily miss one´s objectives and set the wrong priorities. Furthermore, incorrect assumptions on sales and turnover may put at risk the financial result. In addition to analising the trends of the two recent planning periods it is therefore also necessary to take into account customers´ modified purchase behaviours, technological innovation while at the same time constantly monitoring one´s competitors in order to keep one´s planning completely up to date.

For SMEs a particularly careful market-orientated planning is necessary, given that the data gathered not only have to be realistic with regard to clients and competitors, but their determination may also be more difficult due to the restricted resources of SMEs. By taking the example of product planning the expert Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Kaack, managing director of the STZ-Consulting Group, in his PDF brochure »Market-orientated product planning« describes how such a planning could be done and which data it must contain. The brochure can be downloaded free of charge by the visitors of the Mittelstandsblog. GERMAN