Executive assistant´s time management decisive for success of SMEs

Mrs. Manuela Franzò, who is a consultant and a “inner boss”, is absolutely sure that the job of an executive assistant in a small or medium-sized entity (SME) represents a real management challenge. The scope of duties of such an executive assistant who is quite often the only such person in SMEs is in most cases much larger than that of her counterparts in major enterprises. Furthermore, when work is piling up she does generally not have the possibility to take recourse to service departments or writing offices.

A very important factor for an executive assistant to work successfully is a sufficiently large space for independent decisions so that she can organize her work for herself. Mrs. Franzò urges assistants to use this space for independence efficiently, to set themselves clear priorities and to do so putting themselves in the position of their boss. Only if things are seen from the bosses perspective it is possible to act such as to ensure the company´s economic success.

On her website Mrs. Manuela Franzò provides a lot of advice from her long-time work experience. Furthermore there is a guide for assistants and bosses which is kindly made available free of charge to the readers of Mittelstandsblog as PDF download. GERMAN