FAZ magazine sees optimism among SME at a peak

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) edition of May 12th 2006 writes: »The optimistic mood among SME currently seems to be boundless«. This is the result for April of a monthly survey commissioned by the KfW in co-operation with the ifo-Institute in Munich. The reference value of the previous year is said to have been surpassed by 26.8 points. Not only is this the biggest annual increase ever, but also the value as such is unprecedented in recent German history. The value even exceeds the peaks of the new economy boom (⇒ Wikipedia).

However, according to the FAZ, this value is said to have reached kind of a peak. Furthermore, in contrast to previous months, the good mood is exclusively felt in the federal states of the West. The good mood in the East had even dwindled a little bit for the first time in five months.

Another good news: The mood among SME is as optimistic that companies are considering to take on new employees. The employment figures are said to have reached a peak. More on this subject can be gathered from the original article in the FAZ. GERMAN